7 Reasons Why We Love Cars – What Is Yours?

February 10, 2022
Posted by: Gavin Alford

Wherever we go, we always find ourselves using different modes of transport – be it work, school or a road trip. Cars are an important part of our lives, and they help us reach our destination easy and fast. Concorde Cars want to share with you a few reasons why we love cars.

The fact is, we love cars, always have and short of being broke, we always will.The only time people will go without a car is when they literally can’t afford one at that time. The moment they can, they’re in them…and wow, does it not feel good!


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Cars hold a special place in the imagination of every man, even ones who feel like they’re trying to read a book in braille when they open the hood!

Since man first domesticated the horse, he has been obsessed with things that move rapidly. We’ve all seen Top Gun and, homoerotic underpinnings aside, never have truer words been spoken than “I feel the need: the need for speed.” It is that simple,even if a man does not own a sports car…..yet!


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Our 7 Reasons Why We Love Cars

Concorde Cars have been in the used car sales business since 1984. Trust us when we say that you don’t stick around as long as we did if you do not love cars and have a passion for what you do!

So, We Love Cars Because:

  1. Family Bonding Road Trips– Life can be very busy. For some going on road trips, it’s the only way to get some tranquil family bonding time. Cars don’t only get you to your destination, but also becomes part of your exploring experience. Driving while looking at beautiful views is part of the experience.
  2. Let The Race Begin- Yes, there is always car racing. It does not only happen on movies – there are people who are fascinated by it.When you race with your car, you feel the connection with your car.
  3. Physical Beauty- cars don’t only take us from A to Z, but also provides  a chance to admire its model. We are excited by the prospect of buying used newer model cars.The beauty of a car never fades, especially when you’re the owner of it.
  4. Life Accomplishment- Passing your driver’s license and buying a car is life changing. It is a sign of real progress in Life
  5. A Sense Of Freedom-Not only can you go places, you can get behind the wheel and take a road trip towards your heart’s desires – without anyone shouting “slow down!” It brings freedom. It’s your life, your car, your way.
  6. Problem Solving- When you are able to fix your broken car,  you literally  become your own life saver. Who wouldn’t want to have that fulfillment feeling? It’s a great skill – not everyone can attain it.
  7. Cars Are Like People– Cars have a personality. Some are great at some things and terrible at others. Some are cheap but give a great thrill. Others are difficult and rebellious. They all have a voice. This is what we love most about cars!