Reasons to Sell Your Car To A Dealership

April 5, 2022
Posted by: Gavin Alford

Many potential used car sellers struggle to answer the questions, “Where can I advertise or place my car in order to sell it quicker and safely?”

The hard truth and reality is that majority of car selling platforms offer limited options that are time-consuming and their free options does not really get a car seller results. Then there is the safety concern and constant scams!

That is why selling your used car to a reputable car dealership, like Concorde Cars, is South Africa’s fastest and safest way of selling your car. It just is the most convenient and transparent way to sell your car for cash.


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Most Car Sellers Go Online

South Africa’s automotive industry is now a lot more into the virtual world. However, most people still think that starting the sales process online and getting ligitimate cash offers for a car is a bit unrealistic. The trusth is, the online selling process is making the sale of a used car easier and much more convenient.


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Just like any other venture, selling your car to a private buyer or if you choose, to a used car dealership, has its pros and cons.

But, if you compare the two, you’ll most likely see the that benefits of selling a car to a reputable car dealership far outweigh the cons.

Yes, you might sometimes get that extra money from a private seller, but it can turn out to be a decision you regret and not worth the hassle. Even a private buyer can return and complain about the car you sold to him or her, the sudden problems they have and threaten to take you to court.

Why hang onto a car to get a bit of extra cash when you can sell to a car dealership who will assess the car and pay instantly for your car.

To Conclude

If you’re looking to sell your car for a much better cash price or trade-in your financed car, or perhaps you’re thinking about buying a used car on finance, either way, Concorde Cars Vehicle Finance Calculator is the perfect solution to get a fair estimate on what you monthly instalment would be, excluding other extra fees.

Another smart way to approach the buy of a used car, is to first apply for vehicle finance to get a pre-approval. That way, you will know your numbers and affordability- no surprises! | GET YOUR FREE PRE-APPROVAL TODAY